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Our Story

A lifestyle brand built on authentic design and worldly spirit

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Our Story

How It All Began

The Sak was born in 1989 when childhood friends Mark Talucci and Todd Elliott left their mundane corporate jobs to follow their dream of discovering new treasures and traveling the world.

Our Story

During a trip to Bali, Indonesia, they decided to start a business importing “found treasures” overseas to their hometown of San Francisco. A simple rattan and leather bag fashioned out of an everyday Balinese sleeping mat was brought back from a trip, sparking the idea to specialize in bags.

Our Story

In 1994, the imported hand-crafted rattan bags were flying off retail shelves at major retailers, leading Mark and Todd to go one step further. The Sak brand originated from a simple, casual, relaxed bag with universal appeal. Staying true to texture, they created a singular bag from a unique Tightweave™ fabrication using hand-crocheted nylon string. Starting a crochet “craze”, The Sak bag Style # 120 was an overnight hit, becoming one of the most iconic bags of the 90s.

Our Story

In 2009, to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, The Sak launched a new sister brand, Sakroots. Sakroots was introduced as a literal canvas for original artwork - launched with a design from a Paris-born graffiti artist, dubbed "Peace print" - based on a scene in Bali, targeting lovers of fashion, art and nature.

Artistic Integrity

The original California lifestyle brand built on authentic design and hand-crafted details. Each high-quality leather and hand-crocheted bag is created thoughtfully to reflect our love of craftsmanship, artistry and global influences.

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Our Artisans

Each year, between October and May, The Sak employs between 5,000 - 7,000 women in the village of Laizhou, China to hand-crochet. During this time, the women often work from home, earning better than average wages and making them the leading household income generator.

Worldly Spirit

Sakroots is a free-spirited lifestyle brand for young-minded women who have a passion for fashion, art and nature. Sakroots delivers fresh and exciting products through unique artist driven patterns, each tied to a nature-related charity that share our social mission to make the world better

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Artist Collaborations

Each season, Sakroots commissions an up and coming artist to creaste original artwork that is then translated into a unique print for our collections.

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Art for a Cause

Sakroots supports various nature-related charities, each tied to an artist print. Make a donation to one of our charity partners through our site, and Sakroots will match.

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Trust, Action, and Ownership

Our values are woven into everything we do.

The Sak began in 1989 as a company based on entrepreneurship and three key motivating factors – TAO: Trust, Action and Ownership. These standards are apparent in all decision-making throughout the company spanning from employee selection, design and development, to our partnerships and how we treat our consumers. We apply our cornerstone principles of TAO to the organizational structure of the company.

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